Big Boss 2 telugu

Big boss season 2 telugu is the super hit show presented by star maa.Now a days reality shows are quite attracting to many audience give their vote through BIG BOSS TELUGU VOTE in google search. big boss is real boss over all reality shows.In India first Big boss show hosted by Salman Khan.Which is very popular all over time.

Later on the show takes its way into all other Indian languages.Telugu,Malayalam,Tamil,Kannada etc.In Telugu,season 1 hosted by Tarak (N.T.R). The young and energitic hosting  of this hero tooks the show heights like Everest.Total of 14 House members are their in season1 telugu.Now, in season 2 there are 16 candidates.Host for  telugu big boss season 2 is NANI.Moreover nearly 100 days the housemates have to spend in house.

In Tamil big boss kamal hassan hosting the show.In Malayalam Mohan-lal hosting the show.which started recently.In kannada host is KECHA Sudeep.This show relates mostly on housemates emotions.What kind of behaviour they show in 70-100 days.A man under all situations carry different emotions.All emotions of an average of 15 members in a house is BIG BOSS SHOW.Every week few housemates are nominated in different types of scenerios.To save them,we have to vote our favourite consistent.


The consistent who keep less number of votes get eliminated.Meanwhile 2-6 wild card entries are there.At last two candidates are there.Who got highest number of votes will be winner.In telugu season1 actor SIVA BALAJI is winner.

Now in telugu season2 all chances are favour to model kaushal and singer geetha madhuri.Big boss show is that flatform which turns common man into celebrity.In telugu season2 ,3 common man entries are their. it is platform to learn how to be strong in tough teaches how we have to control our to handle is a life lesson.


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